This week we would like to highlight a new individual on the Tri 4 Schools Board of Directors. AJ Scholz has been dedicated to helping Tri 4 Schools reach their goals since volunteering at last year’s Middleton triathlon, and joined the board this winter. We are so happy to have his skills and talents on our team.

AJ Scholz was born and raised in Wisconsin along with his wife Jess Scholz. Together they take care of their dog, Nakita, a Siberian husky. When they are not fighting for Tri 4 Schools, they ski, travel, and play board games. He is an outgoing individual. AJ just bought a road bike and cannot wait for warmer weather to be able to use it.

AJ is really passionate about Tri 4 Schools because, like many of us (one point or another), he has struggled with his weight his entire life and is committed to making the lifestyle change. AJ wishes that an organization like Tri 4 Schools was available when he was a kid. He believes in fighting childhood obesity and creating a brighter future for our kids. Good habits formed now will only benefit them later on in life.

Tri 4 Schools utilizes the many networks that he brings to the table. AJ has helped us reach out to some public officials in the state and help contact businesses for our silent auction coming up in May.  He also is an expert at writing press releases, so if you see one in the local media, you can thank AJ!

 Thank you AJ for being a part of our team!