Hey gang,

This past week was definitely the best week yet for Tri 4 Schools.  I have some great news – we now have a platinum sponsor who has committed to our cause for the next five years!  A HUGE welcome is in order for Fourier Fitness, www.fourierfitness.com.  They will be helping us present our race in Middleton through 2015, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

A bit about Fourier – they are a new fitness studio on Fourier Drive in Madison (the Old Sauk Trails business park) that is focused on helping people live better lives.  I love their slogan – feel better, work better, live better.  This is similar to my philosophy for Tri 4 Schools which aims to get kids healthy in all aspects of their lives so they can have a brighter future.  They are focused on having fun while getting fit, and have small class sizes so you can get the best level of instruction possible.  The other nice thing is that the majority of their classes are centered around working people’s lives – before work, over lunch, and after work.  I can’t tell you when I was working a “normal” job how frustrating it was to never be able to make a class.  They offer classes like TRX, pilates, yoga, and even youth athlete training!  The description of this class makes me realize that Tri 4 Schools and Fourier were MADE for each other: ‘Improve your child’s health and performance with workouts geared towards a healthy and active lifestyle.’  Sound familiar?

We are going to be hosting our packet pick-up for the Middleton race at Fourier on August 19th (times are still TBD), so get ready to see the magic for yourself!  In the meantime, check out www.fourierfitness.com to learn more.

In other news, we’ve had four more sponsors join us for our Middleton race.  Here’s a bit about each of them and what they will bring to our race:

Fleet Feet Sports – Madison: Fleet Feet is going to be providing race day goodies for our kids, as well as race bibs, and cups to help kids refuel with water during the race (an absolute necessity).  They have been great to work with, and they are just a short jog (pun intended) away from Fourier Fitness!  Go to www.fleetfeetmadison.com to see more!

SwimWest Swim School: They will also be donating race day goody bag items, and are thinking of coming to help out with our race too!  You can bet we will be safe and sound in the water with this group on board.  Check them out at www.swimwest.com!

Organic Valley: This is a farmer-owned dairy cooperative locally owned in LaFarge, Wisconsin…and they make some delicious dairy products.  They have a huge history of reaching out to support youth programs in the local community and will be providing snacks for the finish line and race day goodies.  See their entire product line at www.organicvalley.coop

Champion Style Athletics: Champion Style Athletics was founded by former Badger Rose Bowl winners (Go Badgers!) JC Dawkins, Kenny Gayles, Michael London Jr., and Ron Dayne.  These guys obviously know their stuff, and they will be joining us on race day to promote their nonprofit programs and share information with parents.  They run programs for at-risk kids and help level the playing field for them socially, academically, and phyisically.  They also have a nutrition-focused initiative to teach kids about making healthy eating choices!  They do all this without any fee to schools or to kids – now that’s dedication to the cause.  Learn more at www.championstyleathletics.com.

Wow, an awesome week and I couldn’t be more thankful.  It is a blessing to be able to get our mission out in the community!