The off-season is over and I’m back into full on training for the 2018 season.

The biggest difference between the off-season and the season is that during the season, you feel A LOT more guilty if you skip a workout. Plus, more people show up to team workouts now so if you do skip, you may get picked on.

baby steps swim

As I said last month, there is no secret to success in triathlon. Just keep showing up to train each day and you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals. That’s a lot easier said than done when you throw in work, kids, life, birthdays, a trip Disney World, finalizing an adoption, snow storms, sub-zero temperatures and the desire to occasionally see a friend or two who isn’t on the tri team. It is possible though.

Baby-stepping into a Routine

You’ll find any number of motivational speakers, coaches and experts out there who will tell you what to do and teach you how to do it. There are millions of inspirational posters that can fire you up, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ve adopted my own philosophy that took root in the groundbreaking opus of one Dr. Leo Marvin. In 1991, Dr. Marvin released the book, Baby Steps: A guide to living life One step at a time. If Dr. Marvin or his book sound familiar, they were immortalized in the the movie, What About Bob? Dr. Marvin taught Bob to take control of his life by taking baby steps. Baby steps to the kitchen. Baby steps out the door. It was a veritable miracle.


baby steps leo marvin

I know what you’re thinking, how do baby steps apply to a triathlete? Seems like that would be a slow way to run. Well, each and every workout is an important step in building fitness for a long season of racing. A baby step, if you will. (and you must) You can’t get ready for an Ironman in a day or week or month. You prepare every day when you look back each day was but a baby step on a very long journey..

January has been all about re-establishing the routine of training every day. It’s been a lot of fun to get back in the rhythm and build on the foundation I established last year.

The Wulff Pack – January 2018

Now, a new section I’m introducing called “The Wulff Pack”. These will be people who are having a big impact on my goals for 2018 and who become honorary members of the Wulff Pack.

  • Donors
      • I’m off to a great start in my fundraising efforts. Thank you to the Drakes, Wiebels and the Reibsteins for kicking things off!
  • Anne Johnson
      • Anne is a wonderful woman and was the social worker who helped Julie and I adopt Jackson. She played an instrumental role in starting our family. Anne was kind enough to donate a recumbent bicycle to support my cause. (soon to be for sale on Craigslist) She did this in her daughter Hannah’s name. Hannah was a support of youth triathlons before she was killed in a tragic car accident. I am honored and humbled by Anne and Hannah’s support.  
  • Cindi Bannink & Steve Brandes
      • These are my wonderful coaches on Madison Multisport, the team I train with. They have donated their coaching expertise. Cindi and Steve have created a great team atmosphere that makes the many hours of training much more enjoyable. When I’m out pounding hills in the big ring, it’s because of these two. *Editor’s note – as a team member of Madison Multisport as well, I fully endorse Matt’s praise – these guys are incredible coaches and people! – KH
  • Julie
    • My wife. Who has kicked off another year of being an Ironman wife. She makes all the training possible by picking up the slack at home and with our kids. Thank you!


If you’d to support Tri 4 Schools and help me hit my fundraising goal, you can do so right here.