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Happy SUMMER! June means sunshine, long days, and the start of the “build” phase of my Ironman training. This is when we start conditioning our bodies to go longer and farther at each of the three disciplines. I received a lot of great advice about how to approach this phase of training. The theme that was true throughout it all reflected exactly what Tri 4 Schools stands for – triathlon is a lifetime sport. While Ironman may be a one-time (or few-time?) goal, integrating training and activity into our routines is something that will last a lifetime. It’s important perspective to keep – while it seems like a lot in the moment, it’s all about the impact this experience will have on my lifestyle for years to come.


I know the kids who participate in Tri 4 Schools’ events gain some of that perspective as well. Race days are fun and exciting, and they go by so quickly, but we don’t have to stop moving just because they’re over! If anything, race day proves that we can go further and faster than we ever thought we could, so we can carry that experience with us as we set new goals. I was fortunate to be near the finish line for both of Tri 4 Schools’ events in May, and watching the kids cross with such confidence and joy is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen.

June also means the start of race season for adults – almost as good as Christmas in my book! Here are some quick notes on the races I’ve done thus far:

  • Madison Half Marathon: 1:44, 14th in my division. Not a personal best, but great for a tough course!
  • Lake Mills Sprint: 1:19, 6th in my division. Fun and fast first tri of the year!
  • Couples Triathlon (Olympic distance): 2:53, 3rd in my division. Challenging course with a trail run, but a great longer-distance experience.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support. I wore my Tri 4 Schools race kit for the first time at the Couples Triathlon, and could not believe how many people recognized it and cheered! The Tri 4 Schools community is strong, and I’m constantly amazed by how many people have been impacted by its mission. When training gets difficult, knowing that this experience is about something much bigger than me is a steady push to keep going.
We’re officially kicking off our Ironman fundraising this month. Our mission is simple: to help more kids from more communities participate in Tri 4 Schools’ events and have a better chance of developing active habits that will last a lifetime. To contribute, please visit