Joff’s first triathlon of the season is coming up this Saturday in Verona – the Verona Triterium, part of the Wisconsin Tri Series!  He is doing the Olympic distance race and will be wearing his Tri 4 Schools gear, so let’s be sure to cheer him on!

He is also ramping up his fundraising efforts, so please support him if you are inspired to do so!

Hello again,
The last time I gave an update I talked about the “training buddies” program I started doing at the elementary schools where I teach physical education. It was exciting to get the results back each month as nearly every class improved their class totals, with many classes surpassing my totals in the swim and the run. It was certainly motivation for me on many occasions to push myself to workout even though it is my busiest time of the year.
When I started this activity, my main goal was to encourage students to get more exercise and help them feel more prepared to do a triathlon whether it was on their own or part of a triathlon relay team. However, in the process of doing this, I learned how much time I can make for exercise even when I’m at my busiest. Even though next year I do not plan to train for another Ironman, I certainly believe I will make the time to exercise and stay fit after my experience this past spring.
So now it is summer time and although I stay busy with different camps and teaching swim lessons I have a lot more time on my hands to train. In just this past week, I ran almost as much as I did the entire month of May, and equaled my swimming total for May, while my weekly bike total went from 100 miles a week to 150 miles! In my first post I talked about how one of the challenges I needed to overcome was back pain that started over a year ago with a pinched nerve. So far my back continues to get a little better each month, and although it is very stiff from this past week of training I don’t seem to have any pain. Hopefully things continue to go well as I ramp my training up!
I’m hoping those of you who support the Tri 4 Schools program can spread the word about this amazing program and continue to encourage young boys and girls to participate in their triathlons and other events. As you know I’m trying to fundraise for this great cause. To donate, go to this link:
Thanks again for the support! Hope to hear your cheers at my next race!