Ginna has been hard at work already this year, and is even coaching our Exercise to Achievement program! We’d like to wish her GOOD LUCK in the Boston Marathon next Monday, and if you can, please support her with a donation to make her week even more amazing.

Hello Tri 4 Schools community!

Well, so far it’s been a pretty hectic 2016.  Definitely keeping busy with work, after school events as well as training and life in general.  Here’s a little recap on what’s been going on:

WORK: Still loving working as a school PT in MCPASD.  I get to spend my days with some pretty awesome elementary school kids (at Elm Lawn, Northside and Sunset Ridge) as well as fantastic teachers.  I’m excited for the weather to get warmer, as I work with a lot of students in PE and at recess and could use some sunshine.  

AFTER SCHOOL: We recently started the Elm Lawn Exercise to Achievement after-school program.  We have 54 athletes (in 3rd and 4th grade) that will be competing in the Waunakee triathlon coming up April 30th.  These kids are rock stars, and are so much fun to coach.  We have a very diverse group of kids, and I love seeing their excitement for training!! I can’t wait to see how they all do on race day.  Come out and watch if you are able.  We are just about to start Kromrey Middle School track and field, where I am an assistant coach.  We have over 100 athletes in 7th and 8th grade and I will primarily be working with both distance and sprint athletes, as well as the long jump.  It’s a quick season in April and May, but I’m grateful to work with some awesome middle school students, as well as an awesome coaching staff.

TRAINING FOR IRONMAN:  I have been training with Madison MultiSport and Cindi Bannink, and this has been such a great blessing.  Cindi is an amazing coach, and what an awesome training community.  I’ve never worked this hard on a bike before, and I feel I’ve made huge progress in this area.  This past weekend we had 4 teams compete in the Madison 50k relay running race.  Next up for me is the Boston Marathon!! I’m so excited to be a part of this iconic marathon race.  After that- It will be triathlon season for me, as I will be doing two Half Ironman distance races (Milkman and Door County) and then Ironman Wisconsin on September 11.

mms mad city relay 

PERSONAL: Over spring break, I had the opportunity to go to Ireland with a dear friend Kristin.  We traveled around the country via car, mostly exploring the south-west.  My favorite part was hiking the Cliffs of Moher.  I’ve a picture from this adventure.  Ireland is gorgeous, no it did not rain for us, yes there are a lot of sheep, and people who live there are just about the nicest people ever! Thank you Ireland for a lovely experience!