Middleton Sports & Fitness is excited to be presenting this year’s Tri 4 Schools Middleton kids triathlon for the second year in a row!  Community partnerships are at the heart and soul of why we do what we do.  Our Swim Department is asked a lot of questions this time of year as kids are gearing up for summer swim teams or splashing nearby at local pools.  Our swim staff is here to answer a few frequently asked questions.

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Q: My swimmer’s hair is turning green!  Now what do I do?  Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening in the future?

A: Chlorine is a fickle friend.  It’s needed to help kill bacteria in pools, but it does take a toll on our hair and skin.  The Swim Department at Middleton Sports & Fitness carries a wide selection of Malibu Wellness® products that work like a charm!  We recommend using a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for swimmer’s hair.  We love Swimmers Wellness shampoo and conditioner.  In addition, using a leave-in conditioner before and after swimming acts as a barrier between the hair and chlorine.  We recommend using Malibu Wellness® leave-in conditioner.  To help rebuild the hair there are a variety of weekly and monthly treatments that are great for getting hair back to feeling like itself again.

 Q: I notice my swimmer’s suit has started to become baggy and they’ve only worn it a few times.  What’s going on?

A: Great question!  Proper swim suit fit is essential for ensuring a suit that will last all summer.  For a girl’s suit a great fit will be free from wrinkles throughout the body and the straps when pulled up will not go past the ears.  A suit is too tight if two fingers can’t be comfortably placed under the straps.  Boy’s wear a variety of swim suits including trunks, briefs (often referred to as a “Speedo”) and jammers.  What are jammers you ask?  Jammers are a style of suit that is worn tight to the knee, kind of like spandex shorts.  We love jammers because they reduce drag and allow your swimmer to move comfortably in the water without being bogged down by baggy swim trunks.  Similar to fit on a girl’s suit, proper swim suit fit for a boy’s suit will be free of wrinkles or bunching throughout the suit, comfortable in the waist, and for a jammer allow space for no more than two fingers above the knee.

Q: Help!  I have had my swimmer’s suit properly fitted by the experts at Middleton Sports & Fitness but I’m still noticing that it becomes baggy or falls apart after being in the chlorine.

A: Since we’ve helped nail down the proper suit fit, let’s talk about the materials of your swimmer’s suit.  Suits are made up of two separate materials, Polyester or Lycra®/Nylon.  Lycra®/Nylon offers a snug fit that some swimmers prefer; however, it does stretch with wear!  Often an inexpensive suit will not be constructed as well as a brand name Lycra®/Nylon.  When choosing a swim suit that will last all summer (unless your kiddo has a major growth spurt) you want to always look for Polyester!  Polyester suits hold their shape and color consistently.  Even Polyester blended suits will last light years longer than a Lycra®/Nylon suit.

Q: My swimmer’s goggles always leak and are uncomfortable after they swim.  Can you help?

A: Goggle fit is extremely important in helping prevent leaking and things like “raccoon eye” marks.  All of our swim employees are expert goggle fitters and can help find the perfect pair.  Stop by with your swimmer and we will take the time to find the right pair!  Can’t make it by the store?  Here are a few tips from our experts:

  • Have your swimmer raise their eyebrows and press the goggles below their eyebrow bones. If they suction for about three seconds without the strap, you’re in luck!
  • Then ask your swimmer if they feel too tight or hurt on the bridge of their nose. If not, you should have a winner!
  • If the goggles have separate nose pieces, try swapping out sizes for a custom fit.

Have more questions?  Don’t hesitate to stop by the store or contact us at swimming@middletonsports.com.

Happy swimming!

The swim experts at Middleton Sports & Fitness