Tri 4 Schools is an organization that brings swimming, biking, and running events to kids throughout Dane County. Along with hosting these events, Tri 4 Schools has the athletes pay a registration fee to participate in the event. Unlike other races, we do not use the funding from the registration to fund our operation costs. The money is donated to the student’s school to help them fund healthier lunches and fitness programs in hopes to keep the active life style going after the event has finished. It is simple: more kids equals more money for schools. 

Yet, Tri 4 Schools understands that getting to the events and even paying for the registration fee can be a bit of a challenge for some of the families in Dane County. It is one of our goals to make sure that anyone who wants to be in the races can participate. That is why, thanks to our many donors, Tri 4 Schools offers scholarships to any kid that qualifies and offers transportation to and from the events for families who need it. But, we wanted to do more. We wanted to make sure that the kids and schools who really need these events and benefits receive them. This planted the roots for our Adoptive Schools Program.

The adoptive schools program allows schools with low-income students, as determined by the number of students qualifying for the free or reduced lunch program, to participate and greatly benefit from the events. In this partnership, the schools commit to promoting the events and getting a certain number of kids to the events. In return 5% of the annual registration fees to each of the five schools.  Last year this was $4,400 or nearly $900 per school.  One school was able to purchase an entire set of new rollerblades for their P.E. curriculum, which had not been replaced since the early 1990s.  This year, we are hoping to double that amount, which will make a significant impact on the ability of these schools to get kids excited about fitness and health.

We extend a heartfelt welcome to this year’s adopted schools:

1. Black Hawk Middle School

2. Lakeview Elementary

3. Lincoln Elementary

4. Hawthorne Elementary

5. Sandburg Elementary