This week, we continue our “Meet the Board” series with another great new addition – Dano Tyler!  The level of passion, enthusiasm, and decision-making ability improved as soon as Dano joined our board in December.  Our collectiv musical ability also improved exponentially. 🙂

1. Tell us a bit about you.
I lived for a long time in Cleveland, Ohio, in a country-suburb where I had a lot of room to ride my bike and explore outside. I’ve been in Madison long enough now that this feels like home, and I still love to be outside. I’ve replaced much of my lawn with food-bearing plants, plus a chicken coop. I’ve also completed the Ironman triathlon 3 times and published a memoir about the experience, “Tri Therapy.” My philosophy is about seeking abundance.
2. How did you come to learn about Tri 4 Schools?
Triathlon is fun, and holds a lot of opportunity; inviting others into the sport is a way to share the love. Showing kids healthy lifestyles (that are also a lot of fun) instills life-long values. I have coached marathon-runners and triathletes for several years, and came to Tri 4 Schools for a fresh perspective, wanting to be a contributor to their victories. The photo in my post is of me and my neighbors after last year’s Middleton triathlon, who are close friends. They got inspired when they saw me race, and I showed them the ropes. They cherish those medals and I’m confident the race empowered them.
3. What made you want to be a board member?
I wanted to be a board member as a way to get up-close with kids’ lives. I’m experienced with racing and volunteering, plus fundraising and NGO operation, so it’s a good fit. Here, I can help assess the realities of our event and school situations, and look for the best ways to make the most impact. When you care about something, you have to step up and help make it happen.
4. What are you most excited about for Tri 4 Schools in 2015?
In 2015 I’m most excited to get connected with the Exercise to Achievement program. I’m ready to lend my energy to teachers and kids who can use it. Writing emails and whatnot is fine, but people – kids especially – need face-to-face interactions with positive role models. I hope to be one of them.