It’s been another wonderful year, and we’re excited to share it with you!

With the Haunted Hustle now in the rear view mirror, I’ve been working on a lot of number-crunching to determine how things shook out for our schools this year.  A few really exciting things to note:

  • We had 518 kids on scholarship, 67 more than last year!
  • We had 193 schools participate this year, with all but TWO hailing from our home state of Wisconsin.
  • There were 27 schools who raised more than $500, our biggest number yet!

This year, I also personally got to experience being the parent of a triathlete for the first time.

Riley finish

Currently, we’re reaching out to schools to let them know how much they earned and find out how they plan to use the funding to benefit their students.  We’ll also be visiting our fittest schools for each event to present them with a cool trophy, and any school that earned more than $1,000!

Our Fittest Schools in 2015

Waunakee Triathlon: Arboretum Elementary (FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!)

Spring & Fall Mud Runs: Lincoln Elementary (TWO YEARS IN A ROW)

Middleton Triathlon: Kromrey Middle School

Top Five Fittest Schools Overall in 2015

5. Midvale Elementary…74 kids

4. West Middleton Elementary…91 kids

3. Lindbergh Elementary…102 kids

2. Mendota Elementary…160 kids

1. Lincoln Elementary School…218 kids (Second straight year – they can KEEP our traveling trophy for another year).

Congratulations to all our athletes and their schools, and thank you to parents and teachers for participating!  We’ll have lots to share with you in the coming months regarding our 2016 season.