The results are in for 2014…and we can’t wait to share them with you!


We wrapped up our 2014 season with our Fall Mud Run on September 27th, and what a gorgeous day it was!  Thanks so much to our sponsors (especially Madison Smile Solutions) for helping us sell out our final event of the year that distributes funds to schools.  There were so many great moments that day that we saw between parents and kids being active together, which really warms our hearts, like this one of the amazing Verhelst family (check out the Fireman Rob Foundation to learn more):

t4s fall mud run 2014


Now comes the fun part!  We get to figure out exactly how much money goes to each school that had students participate in a Tri 4 Schools event this year and start sending out checks.  We also get to visit our Fittest Schools for each event and any school that raised over $500.  While we’re still working on totaling the dollar amounts, we do know some exciting results, and we’d like to share them with you now:

Fittest Schools 2014 – By Event

Waunakee Triathlon: Arboretum Elementary (THREE YEARS IN A ROW)

Middleton Triathlon: Sauk Trail Elementary

Spring & Fall Mud Runs: Lincoln Elementary


Fittest Schools 2014 – Overall

5.  Whitehorse Middle School, Madison – 93 participants

4. Midvale Elementary, Madison, – 101 participants

3. Van Hise Elementary, Madison – 102 participants

2. Mendota Elementary, Madison – 134 participants

1. LINCOLN ELEMENTARY, Madison – 187 participants

Congratulations to Lincoln and to all of our Fittest Schools.  We’re so proud of the efforts it took to get so many students out to our events, and we can’t wait to come share a trophy and giant check with you!