Hey there gang,

Last night I watched the season premiere of The Biggest Loser.  This is one of my favorite shows – a real goosebump producer – due to its inspirational message that it’s never too late to change your life.  Seeing the contestants go from hating who they see in the mirror on day one to being motivated and truly happy at the finale gets me every time.  My favorite episode is the one where they run the marathon.  It’s almost inconceivable that in a few short months they can go from not being able to run a 40-yard dash to running 26.2 miles!

This show proves over and over that whether you are young or old, whether you just don’t have time to exercise or are overcoming something tragic in your past, if you set a goal and are truly dedicated to it, you can accomplish it.  I’m not saying that the dedication is all it takes though – the contestants on the Biggest Loser have all the support they could ever want – from nutrition plans to personal trainers.  Anyone trying to set a large goal for themselves needs a support network of people they can count on to lift them up when they are barely hanging on, and that can determine your success in the end.

For 2012, I’ve set a few large goals for Tri 4 Schools, and I know I’ll need help from my family, friends, and from the community to meet them.  However, I feel that if I am expecting our kids to set and achieve their goals of completing a triathlon, then I need to achieve my goals as well.

My 2012 goals for Tri 4 Schools:

  • Have 500 kids at each of our two triathlons – Waunakee and Middleton
  • Raise at least $10,000 at each race
  • Host free clinics for families on topics that will help make eating and living healthy a more attainable goal – ideas are on “Quick Exercise Wins” that families can do together, easy weeknight healthy meals, and an intro to triathlon
  • Provide scholarships for at least 40 kids at each race, and help others with bikes and running shoes as needed

What are your goals for 2012?  I’m eager to hear them!  Share them here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  This season’s theme for The Biggest Loser is “No Excuses.”  Let’s band together and help motivate each other towards making the healthier choice in 2012!