With Ironman Wisconsin coming up on Sunday, we’d like to share ten pieces of wisdom to help you through the day.  Kids triathlons may be different from adult events, but there’s a lot of lessons to be learned for all ages.

Thank you to Carrie Chase of SutterChase Studios and Annie Rubens for their amazing images.

#1 – Thank a volunteer

They give up their time to help you succeed, and it’s a long, tiring day for them, too.

tri 4 schools volunteertri 4 schools volunteer


#2 – Cameras are everywhere.

You never know when one will catch you, so have a great face ready at all times

tri 4 schools cameratri 4 schools crowd

#3 – Be a good sport and encourage others

You never know when your words and actions might motivate someone else.  Kids do this naturally, and it’s my favorite part of our events.

tri 4 schools sportsmanship

#4 – Practice your finish line pose

You’ll probably get the picture afterwards, so think about what you’ll be putting on your wall!

tri 4 schools finisher pose

#5 – Leave something in the tank for the ending kick

You can rest afterward, and you’ll know you left it all out there.

tri 4 schools ending kick

#6 – Play to the crowd

Those signs are humorous, uplifting, and a welcome distraction – be sure they know their craft project paid off.

tri 4 schools crowdtri 4 schools crowd

#7 – When things get tough, just put one foot in front of the other.

Remember, forward is a pace, too.  Even the best athletes have to walk sometimes.

tri 4 schools perseverance

#8 – It’s all worth it when you cross the finish line

Even if the road was hard, you’ll never forget the feeling of accomplishment.

tri 4 schools finish linetri 4 schools achievement


#9 – Don’t forget about your support crew

Family, friends, and teammates put in a lot of hours to help get you to the start line, and they’ll be there at the finish. Share the journey.

tri 4 schools familytri 4 schools family

#10 – Have fun!

Remember, you’re doing this because you GET TO. This is a gift and a great opportunity to show yourself and others what humans are capable of.  Now enjoy it!

tri 4 schools have fun